What is the Nine Days Of Pie?

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It’s high time for pie time!

The Nine Days Of Pie sounds perhaps too good to be true, but rest assured, it really exists.

The Nine Days of Pie is a sacred holiday tradition celebrating Pie (and Shane’s birthday on November 9th). It is the official holiday of the Shane and Amy Bugbee Family, and it continues to grow and spread each year.

With a disdain for the preexisting holidays of various questionable religious faiths or celebrating people and events that don’t really deserve it, the Nine Days Of Pie, offers pie to one and all, camaraderie and libations.

The Nine Days of Pie is special, it only happens once a year, for 9 days (10 actually) from November 1 – 9, and it’s all about Pie, and sharing, and indulgence, and Pie, and abundance, and kinship, and Pie, and did I mention Pie?

On the 10th day is an optional fast with a single slice of “Humble Pie”.

For nine days, we open our home to anyone wanting to join us for pie and coffee, tea, or other libation. New friends have been made, pounds have been gained, and often the desire for pie is quenched for months after.

A Little History:

It is a holiday born on the 9th on November in the year 2009, after years of making birthday pies for her husband Shane, Amy Bugbee promised him, that on his next birthday she would make pies every day from the First of November until his birthday on November 9th, that promise was kept, and since then the celebration has grown.

Shane Bugbee is a pie guy, and for years I have made pies for him on his birthday, nearly always cherry. We were never much for exchanging gifts, so Pie was the answer. We decided to turn his pie passion and my love of baking into our own holiday, thus the Nine Days of Pie was born.

The Nine Days Of Pie became bigger than any other holiday in our home and eventually replaced them all. During the Nine Days Of Pie we welcome friends, strangers, neighbors, and anyone else who wants to join us into our home. We encourage those who cannot attend to celebrate with their own pie party on these magical days!

Pie Criteria:

Shane is very specific about pie, a pie is fruit and crust. Shane says chocolate cream for example is not pie, it is as he says “a crusted pudding”. I have stretched it a few times, with mixed results, and he seems to be lenient when it comes to savories – Shepherd’s pie,    Pot Pie, Taco Pie all seem to be acceptable in his eyes.


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