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For Immediate Release 10-17-2017

The 8th Annual Nine Days Of Pie attempts World Peace with a piece of Pie

Experience a real pie fight, pie movie shorts, and a custom Voodoo Doughnut “Pie Doughnut”! 

The Nine Days Of Pie is nearly here, and just as the name says, it is a nine day long holiday featuring pie, pie, more pie. This year the celebration takes place all over Portland at a variety of locations each offering its own spin on the event – including a custom pie doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts to be sold all nine days, a pie movie montage, and a real pie fight! Plus, pie baking demos at three Natural Grocers locations and Pacific Pie!

In years past, the event was born and held in creator Shane and Amy Bugbee’s home in Astoria. Folks all over town, and others from Portland and even further, would congregate for nine days eating a variety of pie, meeting new people, and having great conversations. With the current state of divide in America, the couple thought now was the time to bring the power of pie to a larger audience in hopes that an act as simple as sharing a slice could help rebuild the unity and communities.

This year the events will include a pie fight and pie movie montage at the Clinton Street Theater, live music and performance at Dantes, several pie making demos by Amy Bugbee and portland pie chef Sarah Curtis-Fawley, and participation at the First Friday art walk at the East Creative Collective. The event ends with Chicago pizza pie and beer at the Proper Pint Taproom!

Other participating locations include the Bipartisan Cafe, Afru Gallery, and the Art Haus Cafe at Milepost 5. Coffee Time on NW 21st Ave is hoping to incorporate The Nine Days Of Pie with their grand re-opening, and Voodoo Doughnuts kicks off the holiday with a “Pie Doughnut” developed with Amy Bugbee’s Triple XXX Vanilla and offered for all nine days of the holiday.

All are welcome to come and have some pie (while supplies last) meet some new people and hopefully take a piece of peace home with them. All recipes and reports of each day’s events will be posted on the Nine Days Of Pie website:

Come for the pie, stay for the people.

Nine Days Of Pie Locations: (This info may update as we get closer to the event.)

DAY 1 – Wed. November 1 from 6 – 9pm

Voodoo Doughnuts II 1501 NE Davis St, PDX

  • Voodoo

DAY 2 – Thurs. November 2 at 6pm

  • Milepost 5’s Art Haus Cafe 8155 NE Oregon St, PDX

DAY 3 – Fri. November 3 at 6pm First Friday!

  • East Creative Collective (Studio 3) 211 SE Madison St, PDX

DAY 4 – Sat. November 4 at 2pm

  • Clinton Street Theater 2522 SE Clinton St, PDX

DAY 5 – Sun. November 5 – 2pm

  • Afru Gallery 534 SE Oak St, PDX

DAY 6 – Mon. November 6 (2 PIE LOCATIONS! 2 PIE TIMES!)

  • 3-5pm Natural Grocers in Beaverton – pie demo by Amy Bugbee
  • 7pm – Dante’s 350 W Burnside St, PDX

DAY 7 – Tues. November 7 (2 PIE LOCATIONS! 2 PIE TIMES!!)

  • 3-5pm – Natural Grocers in Gresham – pie demo by Amy Bugbee
  • 6pm – Bipartisan Cafe 7901 SE Stark St, PDX

DAY 8 – Wed. November 8 ( 2 PIE LOCATIONS! 2 PIE TIMES!!!)

  • 3-5pm – Natural Grocers in Clackamas – pie demo by Amy Bugbee
  • 7pm – CoffeeTime 712 NW 21st Ave, PDX

DAY 9 – Thurs. November 9  ( 2 PIE LOCATIONS! 2 PIE TIMES!!!)

  • Noon – 3pm - Pacific Pie Company, pie demo by Sarah Curtis-Fawley 1520 SE 7th Ave, PDX
  • 7 pm – Proper Pint Taproom with Pizza Pie from Bridge City Pizza 5965 SE 52nd Ave, Portland

Also, our main facebook event page for Nine Days Of Pie 2017 edition is here:

If you want to pitch in for pie making stuff or tip the cook: 

Presented by Triple XXX Vanilla

Other info:

Regarding Pie - Many people ask if they can bring a pie, or if they must bring a pie. Fact is, pies are welcome, but never required. If you want to bring a pie, we’re delighted. If you don’t, were still delighted to have you!

Is there a cost?

  • No cost for pie, but this year is a little different:
  • At Dantes the Bands & Performers will welcome donations! 21 & over.
  • At the Clinton Street Theater the theater will LOVE your donations!
  • At Voodoo Doughnuts, we will share as many “Pie Doughnuts” as we can during the time we are there, but Voodoo Doughnuts will have the official Triple XXX Smoked Vanilla Pie Doughnuts for sale ALL DAY!


For Immediate Release 10-2-2017

 The Nine Days Of Pie Wraps Portland In A Flaky Crust This November

The Nine Days Of Pie, what could this possibly be? The website calls it the “World’s Truest Holiday”, but that does not really answer the question. One thing for sure, it involves a lot of pie, and the recipes of dozens, many dozens, are posted on the website so others can share in fun.

Founders Shane and Amy Bugbee explain a little more, “Amy always made me a pie for my birthday on November 9th, when we were first married they weren’t very good – a can of pie filling and a store bought crust, but they got better.” Shane confides.

“We were living in this small town, and we knew almost no one, so I made pie everyday from November 1st thru the 9th, and invited people over.” Amy explains, “People, meaning the public, we just posted it up on Facebook and invited the whole town.” At first they didn’t have too many takers. “I think people thought we were making it up, who invites strangers over for nine days and feeds them pie?”

But word began to spread, and more and more people began to appear. As the years went on, many brought gifts and ingredients. Last year they even got a local motel to offer a special “Nine Days Of Pie” rate for those coming from out of town. “We have people coming from all over, and all kinds of people. There are times I look around the room and just can’t believe the mix of people sitting together, talking and laughing.” 

That mix of people is a big reason they are moving the event to Portland this year. It’s an effort to help smooth the divided state of the nation and bring people together. They hope that pie might be a common ground people can use to bond over. To share the holiday with as many people, they are celebrating at different locations each day, all over the city.

Though not all of the businesses can allow for free pie to be handed out, they are embracing the community aspect of it. On November 4th the historic Clinton Street Theater will host a real live Pie Fight and show a pie montage videos. Voodoo Doughnuts is celebrating on November 6th, and will mark the day by concocting a special Nine Days Of Pie “Pie Doughnut” offered for sale to customers (using my Triple XXX Vanilla). Other venues include the famed Dante’s, AFRU Gallery, CoffeeTime, and Amy will lead a Gluten-Free Pie Baking demonstration at Natural Grocers on November 7th.