Day 5, Thursday, Nov 5, 2015

Day 5 Pie: Spiced Lamb

Day 5 was upon us, and with a Peanut Butter Pie ready and waiting, and a number of other quarters and halves hanging around I felt pretty good. Mid-afternoon brought our first guests all the way from Portland, our dear old friend Lonnie and young friend Stephanie. I raced home early to enjoy a bit of their visit when I learned they were not staying over.

We met Lonnie in Portland during our year long road trip project back in 2007, he became a subject in our videos and our book and we have remained friends ever since. Shane met Stephanie through Lonnie some time back, but she’d moved away for school for a few years. She recently moved back, and I was glad to get to know her a little better. While our conversation was great, it was over far too soon, and then they were gone.

I prepared a Spiced Lamb Pie for tonight’s savory, while Shane and I enjoyed each other’s company. The time passed quickly, and no knocks came!  We have not had a night of just us in some time so this was a welcome treat! We laughed and listened to music and danced in the kitchen! A perfect night!

The lamb filling was too hot to make hand pies, again the crust was melting off the top, so I struggled to get two hand pies into the oven and then gave up and made it a full size meat pie. We split one of the ugly but delicious hand pies, and talked a while more.

As soon as the porch light went off promptly at eleven o’clock I was headed up to bed!

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