Day 9: Happy Birthday Shane!!!

Day 9 Pies:

Another Nine Days Of Pie has come and gone. It ended well on Monday night, Shane’s birthday.

An early visit brought us Stephen and Alan baring the gift of crab, and ah ha the admission that Alan was the person placing those little figures around. Unfortunately, they could not stay very long.

On this night, everyone got a gift with a visit from two local dignitaries, Jane Herrold, a well known artist and notable local fisherman’s daughter, and Dave Densmore, the famed poet, adventurer, and Alaska Fisherman. To see these two old friends interact was a rare treat! This is what the Nine Days of Pie is truly about – Trading stories and jokes and eating pie, with Dave’s partner Renee and Karri Gallagher. It was a great finale to a very action packed and pie filled Nine Days of Pie.

I always look forward to the Nine Days Of Pie, and I am always glad when it is over. It is a challenge to host an open house pie party for 9 straight evenings, but a great adventure and community builder. It is a ritual and a celebration, there is power and suffering, pleasure and pain, and most of all, indulgence.

There were a plethora of pies on this final night, yet for perhaps the first time ever, butter remains in the freezer, and a couple balls of crust are still chilling…

Most of all, I would like to thank everyone who came and shared pie with us, a big thank you to everyone who brought gifts, or pie, or whatever, and especially thanks to Shane for being so wonderful that you deserve your own holiday!!! I love you!


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