Day 8 of The Nine Days of Pie

Day 8 – The Nine Days of Pie

Shane and I "colabbed" on the decorations of the Pear Cranberry pie.

Here we are in the home stretch of the Nine Days of Pie, and it has been a great time!  Tonight I did three pies – a curry chickpea for the savory, which was odd and a bit bland, Pear Cranberry Pie (cranberries courtesy of Madeline) and Buttermilk Bourbon Pie (I used Four Roses since Shane and I toured the distillery on our road trip).

Tonight we had visitors all the way from Portland as Alanna Quinn who we met briefly at the WTF Fest in Portland and her friend Mike came out for pie and conversation, and they came bearing wonderful gifts of coffee, a wooden viking mug, and a cool pie print sack among other things.  Awesome Astorian Amy Lewis came by with her friend TerriAnn, and the highbrow Bill Honl dropped in with daughter Emily, but Emily was not interested in any of the pies I made tonight, so her visit was short lived.

Amy Lewis and Terri Ann came for the pie party.

It was great fun to hear Mike and Bill trade lines from mutual favorite movies five minutes after meeting each other, I mean what are the odds? Yes, I did say movies, plural. Napoleon Dynomite and Monty Python dialogue was flowing free and easy from the two of them. They may have been separated at birth.

Our day started with a visit from Corina and Joe before they left town to head back toward Portland, it was nice to get a few more hours with them, even though I was a bit behind on pie making, and had to send Shane up to our corner store for a few supplies. Tisk, tisk, shame on me.

Bill gets the cheek poke from Emily, while Mike longs for pie and more beer.

Shane says he is having a great time during this year’s Nine Days of Pie celebration, so that makes my day. It has been great fun to meet new people, and spend time with folks we want to get to know better. Day one seems like light years ago, funny how that is. I guess time sure flies when you’re rolling pies!

Tomorrow is the big finale, I feel like my planned pies are not good enough, so I may head out for some extra supplies tomorrow to insure Shane’s Birthday is super spectacular. This may sound corny, but makes me so proud to honor Shane like this for his birthday.  He says the Nine Days of Pie has erased much of the past misery related to his birthday, and I absolutely love to see him smile, and laugh, and have loud happy debates with people.

Alanna and Shane on Day 8 of the Nine Days of Pie!

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  1. That was a blast,Mike and I both had a great time;thank you again and be seeing you in Stumptown :)