Day 5 – Reaching past Halfway during the Nine Days of Pie!

Day 5 – Nine Days of Pie 2012

The Pies of Day 5 - Zucchini, Peach Blueberry and Choco-Pecan.

Tonight, as we move past the halfway mark, was a much quieter evening from the chaos last night. In fact, when all three pies were out of the oven by 7:11 pm, with the dishes washed, and no one was at the house, I thought it might just be Shane and I.

I was expecting Elleda and Bruce, and cousin Amy from Reno over for pie, and they did come by for a quick visit, but left before the night’s pies were presented for consumption, they had only some of yesterday’s Sweet Potato and no more. Even as pies cooled in front of them, they chose not to stay!?!?!  Bummer.

Luckily, just as I snapped a picture of our empty sofa (the word sofa is a bit of a stretch for this uncomfortable contraption) a rapping came upon our frontal door. It was our guests from Portland Theresa “Darklady” Reed with her beau DJ Kronos, and her friend Raymond Hankins who I mentioned earlier shares the exact same birthday as Shane!

Nobody here, 7:30 pm

Finally, someone was here to eat some pie… oh but wait they are carrying Burger King cups, this can’t be a good sign… Yes, that is right, they ate Burger King before coming over – and with all the dining choices in Astoria no less.  Theresa’s boyfriend tells us he has a really delicate stomach so he has to be careful what he eats – Burger King is okay, but Zucchini Pie would tear him up. Luckily for all of us, the Chocolate Pecan was acceptable for this tummy of doom, and he enjoyed not one but two healthy slices of the rich and overly thick pastry. Another lucky break, Raymond, Theresa, and Shane were ready to try all of the pies.

Day 5 Pie Crew! We can actually all fit at the table!

It was great to finally have Darklady out for a visit, no matter how brief, hopefully she will make it back for a proper visit soon.

None of tonight’s pies really reached out and grabbed me, the Chocolate Pecan had potential, the  Zucchini Pie needs some work, and and the Peach Blueberry, was okay, but not my best effort, though a second slice, oh wait a third slice is sounding pretty good right about now…..

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  1. Looking forward to Thursday, will probably arrive on shuttle close to 1030 or 11.Will be on foot,how far are you?