Day 7: Nine Days Of Pie 2017

Today was a first in Nine Days Of Pie history, today we arrived at the host location and they had an entire counter filled with slices of pie! Granted, Bipartisan Cafe is a fantastic pie shop, but I was still unsure of what our reception would be, so I had my three pies all ready to go, and then to my amazement – pie! The slices spread across the entire side counter and  included apple, mixed berry, and peach/marianberry, plus of course we had the official “Pie Worship” doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts.

Bipartisan Cafe’s co-owner Hobie was ready and waiting to share pie for people, and her kindness, friendliness and wonderful demeanor set us immediately at ease. It felt like we were taking to a dear friend rather than a total stranger. 

She introduced us to her friend and regular customer Jim, who then introduced us all to his friend Helen. We all sat together enjoying pie and coffee and talking about art and travels and life. Hobie shared a great story of moving to Chicago in the 1980s, and calling to tell her mother it was “very pleasant” to which her mother freaked out. Jim told us he spent two years of his very early childhood in the “Irish Ghetto” of Chicago, and Shane and I knew exactly where he meant, as we had lived there just before it gentrified, the Stockyards area so famously written about by Upton Sinclair in The Jungle, and known to us as Canaryville.  

A couple fellows from the bar next door came by for pie and to find out what the Nine Days Of Pie was, and so I explained it, and then it turned out both of them had lived in Chicago at different times! They delighted in the idea of free pie. A little while later, a young couple came in looking to meet a friend, I asked them if they wanted pie and of course they did. I explained the idea of the Nine Days Of Pie and they thought it was pretty awesome. They tried some pie an said they would be ready for it next year!

As Jim, Hobie, and Helen headed out for the evening, in walked Angel York, Chocolatology author (see Day 5) with her friend Christine! What a wonderful surprise! I got my very own gift wrapped copy of Chocolatology! We talked and they enjoyed pie until “last call”. We all headed out into the night, they with pie and doughnuts packed up for later or for friends, and Shane and I still with 3 pies awaiting eaters… An absolutely perfect evening!

Huge thanks to all at Bipartisan cafe for hosting us and making us feel so welcome.

Today I also did another demo at Natural Grocers, this time in Gresham. The demo had only two attendees and one left halfway through, but Christine who stayed through the whole thing was very wonderful and asked great questions – and got to talk quite a lot of pie home. The store was not quite as warm and welcoming as Beaverton had been, but it was still a great time, and I left the rest of the pies and tarts for staff to enjoy. There was Amish Vanilla, Blueberry with a thick lattice crust, and the wonderful chèvre and leek tarts.

Big thanks to Natural Grocers for hosting me! I I do want to stay, I am impressed with the prices and their stock of foods. A very affordable option. 

Oh, and the pies I made today were Tangerine Chiffon (my own invention), Malted Walnut, and a chèvre and leek tart that Shane and I reheated an enjoyed for a late dinner. I think this means I will only need to make one pie for day 8!


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