Day 6: Nine Days Of Pie 2017

Today the Nine Days Of Pie was at Dantes in the evening and Natural Grocers in Beaverton during the day for a free pie demo by yours truly.  

The pie demo went great! I was nervous a bit, and then there was no anise in the entire store so my pair and anise pie was out the window, then there were no pie pans either, so I ad-libbed. There were eight or ten people in attendance, thankfully including The Amazing Alanna Quinn Hamilton who documented the event. I first made two pie crusts, one with a standard gluten free flour, and one with my own creation of flours. I rolled out small samples, dipped them in cinnamon and sugar and baked them so people could taste the difference. Then I make leek and chèvre tarts in the muffin pans, and blueberry hand pies. Everyone asked great questions and were really engaged. The staff at Natural Grovers was awesome, they were excited about the demo, and the store manager and their nutritional coach both stopped by the demo to sample some stuff. It was really great!

Then we raced over to Dantes where we had two live performers happening, Dingo and Olive were planning a “blue” show and Bone And Bell would be performing a set too. Bone and Bell is singer songwriter Heather Smith who sings songs of murder, beheadings and the like in a sweet soulful voice. Finally, a singer/songwriter I can relate to!

This was especially great as Heather, also made her grandmothers Pineapple Ice Box Pie, and a mystery friend brought three beautiful orange and almond cakes (Thank you both so much!!!).

The live performances were absolutely great, and the pies all encircled a table fireplace offering a dramatic feel. Today’s pies were strawberry, Mammy’s Lemon Chess Pie, a coconut custard pie with no diary, grain or soy, and we brought the beautiful savory made by Angel and Darin yesterday with chocolate, eggplant, and beans. Plus, of course, the Voodoo Doughnut “Pie Worship” doughnut!

Everyone at the show was really excited and delighted by the pies and entertainment and the pizza guy at Dante’s was really awesome and willing to try a couple slices of our pies. This was also a unique event in that the focus was entertainment and not so much conversation, but it was an exciting experiment in the Nine Days Of Pie adventure we have embarked on for all these years.

A big thanks to Dante’s and Frank for allowing us to serve pie in their lair and allowing us a couple hours of “Pie Worship”! What fun!!!

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