Day 5: Nine Days Of Pie 2017


Today we celebrated at AFRU Gallery, a small non-profit gallery. It was super exciting for me because we were celebrating with Angel York and Darin Wick authors of the new book ‘Chocolatology’ just released by Microcosm Publishing, and to which I was invited to contribute! To celebrate I made all chocolate pies! I made a pistachio and chocolate tart, a vegan bittersweet chocolate pie with a caramel (yes vegan) topping, and yam chèvre, and mole (with chocolate) empanadas. 

Darin and Angel came armed with two amazing pies, a savory pie of eggplant, beans and chocolate, and it was quite delicious! Darin read a bit from the new book which hey had for available for sale, and Angel offered herself as a recipe medium, prescribing recipes from the book for people who asked.

Additionally, Sarah from AFRU, who also attended the pie fight came with a beautiful mixed berry pie with Chutulu on the top! It was so delicious!

We were definitely pie plentiful, and it was great because a number of people stopped in who were just wandering by, several people came again from Fridays event which was super excited and our favorite hypnotist even gave me a pair of wacky socks!

A young woman came certain there would be no pie for her, as she was a vegan, but was happily surprised to be able to enjoy not one but two slices of Vegan Chocolate Pie!

It was nice to have another daytime event this year, it offered up a free evening, which, actually ended up with me taking a 7 pm nap that I woke up from 12 hours later, opps.

Thanks to AFRU for hosting us, and especially to Angel and Darin for sharing their amazing new book with us!

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