Day 4: Nine Days Of Pie 2017

This was a first in Nine Days Of Pie history. Not only did Roger and Lani Jo at the Clinton Street Theater put together the greatest collection of pie related move and television clips ever seen, but they let us do a pie fight out in front of the theater!

Never in a million years did I think a pie fight would be involved in this holiday, yet, it is the perfect addition. We arrived at the Clinton with our daily does of “Pie Worship” doughnuts, two apple pies, one a classic granny smith pie with a double crust and an apple blueberry crumble top pie with walnuts. In addition, we had a second yet untouched savory potato and ricotta pie.

Shane had researched how to make pie fight pies, and we found the secret was pudding. With the help of a little boy attending with his grandfather, we put together about 20 pie fight pies before the videos started. On the way into the theater a woman stopped me on the street and asked Is there really going to be a pie fight here today?”. I assured her there would be. She replied, “I’ll be back, I’ve always dreamed of being in a pie fight!” and with that she disappeared around the corner. 

Everyone in attendance were extremely enthusiastic. People tried slices of each pie and watched the pie compilation video laughing heartily at scenes from the Three Stooges, The Amazing Race, American Pie, Bewitched, and many more. Everyone sampled all the pies, and then, it was time for the Pie Fight!

Everyone grabbed some pie fight pies and headed outside, two little kids, a handful of young women, Shane and I, had a blast hitting one another and getting hit with pies. Shane picked up one of the little boys and put his head in a pie, Shane and the woman who always dreamed of being in a pie fight appeared (pretty obviously) to have gotten the worst of it. We all shrieked with laughter!

While the actual pie fight took only minutes, the clean-up was a long process – thankfully, it rained later.

This was the first ever daytime Nine Days Of Pie event, and it was great fun. It was also nice to head home and be able to relax in the evening! The rest of the Nine Days of Pie is full with two events each day, so this was really nice.

Huge thanks to the Clinton Street Theater, one of the greatest places in all of Portland! They do amazing events for the community all the time, which is a lot of what Makes Portland so unique!


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