Day 3: Nine Days Of Pie 2017

Tonight was First Friday, which is one of Portland’s months art walks, and this was the biggest show of people we have had thus far. Our host was the East Creative Collective, and specifically Tappen Studios owned by Dawn Tappen. 

Since I am still adjusting to a new oven, so yet again, we were running a tad late. There was already a slew of people awaiting the Nine Days Of Pie experience, so we jumped into action to make it happen.

Today’s pies included a potato with ricotta cheese for the savory, the pear anise that did not get cooked enough for the night before, a peach and raspberry pie, and Amish Vanilla Pie, a simple pie with a lot of punch.  

People were excited about the pie, but kept asking if there was a charge, where I sold my pie, where my pie shop was, and the like, I tried to explain to each that there was no charge, and I had no commercial pie business, that this was just our holiday of sharing, people were completely baffled.

“How do you make money on this?” one demanded to know. I explained that I didn’t, that I saved for months to do this, and it was my vacation time for my job. 

“Why would you do this?” a couple demanded to know. I tried to explain that it was a celebration of my husband’s birthday, an event to help build community and meet new people, and as an art project. They looked at me with a puzzled look and walked away to eat pie.

One young man returned to ask, “You really do this for free? And you’ve done this for 8 years?” “Yes!” is said with a smile. He still shook his head.

Shane and I laughed at the shock and surprise of those eating pie, wondering why on earth I would slave away making pies for nine straight days to give away to strangers with no commercial plan or purpose behind it. We found this incredibly amusing, and continued to dish out pie. 

Some people came into Tappen Studios, “Is this where the pie is?” They asked. When I assured them it was they added, “Everyone in this building is going on about free pie. No one can believe it, so we came to see for ourselves.” I dished them up sample size slices of a couple pies, which were growing scarce and they walked around looking at the various pieces of colorful works on the walls of the gallery.


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