Day 2: Nine Days Of Pie, 11-2-2017

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Having to take pies across town as a part of this new adventure I had not considered carefully enough when planning this year’s events. 6 PM snuck up on me, and so there we were driving to Milepost 5’s Art Haus Cafe with a pair of blazing hot lemon Meringue Pies, a warm Chanterelle Pie, and leaving behind a half cooked Pear Anise Pie. Thankfully, we’d made arrangements to have a fresh dozen “Pie Worship” doughnuts ready for us each day, and on this day, they were the big savior.

Milepost 5 is a large pair of buildings that offer housing and work spaces to artists, they have a gallery, meeting space, and the Art Haus Cafe also. It is a really cool space, and the building the cafe is in appears to be an old school or something of that sort. It is very cool that working artists have an affordable place to create and you can feel the creative energy just waking in the door. It literally vibrates with artists past and present.

Carlee who runs the space was very welcoming to us, and she even brought a coconut cream pie for the event. A half dozen people were ready and waiting, so I commenced to serving up the Chantrelle Pie as quickly as possible. It was gone in a blink and everyone excitedly reveled in it. Next came the “Pie Worship” doughnuts, and the coconut cream, and I tried to avoid serving the lemon for as long as possible.  

The lemon pie was a classic Amy fail, but not at the fault of the recipe (Bob Hope’s Favorite Lemon Pie), alas, it was human failure on my part. The crust was too hard, the filling was soup, and the meringue wrinkled. They were a sad pair of pies, but that’s how it goes. The recipe came from a recent acquisition of a recipe rolodex we found at an estate sale. The home we purchased it from was that of an older woman who was transitioning to assisted living, and if her vast array of drink glasses – liquors, sherry, every style of wine glass, snifters and others, I’d say life was good for her! The rolodex at $2 was a steal, and ironically full of many pie recipes. Recipes within it included newspaper and magazine clippings, typed and xeroxed copies, and even some are hand written!

The attendees of tonight’s events were nearly all residents of Milepost 5 which made is so exciting. Shane delighted in talking art with the welcoming residents, and even has a co-lab or two already planned! There was a fellow from South Dakota who lived there since the start, a young woman getting her MFA, artists working in a variety of mediums, and we even welcomed a Nine Days Of Pie friend from Astoria! 

Kim from Astoria drove all the to Portland for the event (and to see a live folk show nearby) which as really exciting. She has attended a past Nine Days Of Pie and she and Shane share the same birthday of November 9th. She is a super great lady, a mother, educator, and artist, and after meeting her in Astoria, we always planned to spend more time together so this was great!

People came an went throughout the event in true Nine Days Of Pie style and the pie and doughnuts got scarce at the end. As the night came to an end we were sorry to go, but we feel pretty certain we will be back for more events there in the future – and those co-labs! 

After a quick inventory, it became pretty apparent more pie supplies were needed, so Shane and I made a dash to the nearby grocery store. At the check out line we struck up a conversation with the store clerk ad the man behind us in line, and invited both to join us for the Nine Days Of Pie. When they heard that Voodoo Doughnuts had created a doughnut for our crazy holiday they said we were “Portland Legends” and wanted to take a picture. We beamed all night from this sweet statement, and hope to see them both for pie!

Shane is delighted with this eighth annual celebration, I too am having a great time, but I sure hope I get his pie timing going better for the day 3 and beyond!

Huge thanks to Carlee and Milepost 5 and the Art Haus Cafe! Thank you so much!



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