PIE WORSHIP – a pie doughnut in celebration of the nine days of pie from voodoo doughnuts.


How fucking cool… Voodoo Doughnut has made a doughnut to honor the nine days of pie, let me introduce you to the PIE WORSHIP nine days of pie doughnut.

It is only available during the nine days of pie and will be available at both voodoo doughnuts Portland locations…

PIE WORSHIP is a Raised yeast doughnut with sweet potato filing, topped with maple frosting, three marshmallows and decorated like a pie. $2.75

We will be at voodoo dough-nuts second location on Nov. 1st to kick off the nine days of pie… We will give out limited samples of the PIE WORSHIP doughnuts and Amy promise’s to have some home made hand pies to, of course, hand out after we leave, in the parking lot or from the nearest curb. (Outside food is not allowed in restaurants, duh).

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