The Nine Days Of Pie Is Coming! This year it’s citywide!

The Nine Days Of Pie 2017 is going to be bigger & better than ever!

With all that is happening in the world today, common ground and peace over pie is needed like never before! This has led us to look beyond hosting folks in our home. This year, we are bringing the Nine Days Of Pie to all of Portland! Each night we will celebrate a different neighborhood, and invite people to get together and meet their neighbors over pie. Free pie, while supplies last.  

Look for the full list of host locations coming soon!

What is The Nine Days Of Pie?

The Nine Days Of Pie is a celebration of Pie and People, it’s about bringing community together and sharing pie. 

The Nine Days Of Pie began on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington, when recent transplants Shane and Amy Bugbee decided to celebrate Shane’s birthday by inviting anyone they knew, and people they didn’t know, over for pie for nine straight days, from November 1st to 9th.

The next year it moved with them over to Astoria Oregon where it grew bigger, and became a thing of legend. Amy made a minimum of three pies each day, and folks came from as close as next door, to hundreds of miles away. Many diverse minds, people from all walks of life, met and bonded over pie.

Now is the time for a peace-filled pie party. This year it’s Portland, soon the world!

Who is behind this Pie-stravaganza? 

Amy Bugbee has been official pie maker and hostess of The Nine Days Of Pie since the idea for the holiday was born. It was created to celebrate her pie-loving-husband Shane’s birthday, eliminate any sad feelings regarding established family holidays, and meet new people in a place where they knew almost no one.

Though not a baking novice, it also offered a great excuse to perfect her pie making. Amy Bugbee has a long history as a baker, she trained under James Beard’s favorite pastry chef, Nanci Main, she started her own vanilla business in 2009 called Triple XXX Vanilla, she published the ‘Vanilla 101′ cookbook in 2014, and famed cartoonist R. Crumb said, “Amy makes a fine cookie”.

Not just a culinary artiste, Amy Bugbee is, among other things, a writer, event promoter, and social media pioneer – she’s worked with Lemmy from Motorhead, she’s spoke at Harvard University, and had cookies with Anton LaVey!

No, this is no normal holiday, it’s better.

Come on down, enjoy some pie, meet your neighbors, and who knows, maybe we can figure out world peace while we’re at it!

More to come….

The facebook event page for Nine Days Of Pie 2017 edition is here:

If you want to pitch in for pie making stuff or tip the cook:

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