Day 5, of the Nine Days Of Pie, 2016 version

Day 5 Pies:

What a day! Three, count ‘em three different GRAPE PIES! Last night the amazing Helen spent 4 long hours peeling grapes, this morning she caught the 8 am bus to Astoria and then walked all the way to our house. She came with a container full of peeled grapes and a bag of the peels. Yes, that’s right, a bag of the peels. It’s true, I had recipes for grape pies and a grape skins pie. No Joke! And Helen is no joke either, she may be one of the most thoughtful people to ever walk the earth! Not only did she come with love peeled grapes, but also a gift for Shane. A statue of the very first piece of art he was ever exposed to – The Screaming Hand skateboard art by Jim Phillips!

This was Saturday, so I had a feeling we might have a bit of a crowd, and I was right. I believe 12 or 13 people joined us for pie, and one guest came just for the art!

Helen arrived early, then our favorite produce guy and art scholar Andy came to see Shane’s studio, not long after came more guests and several Big Surprises!  A knock at the door brought Jan with her friend Charlie. Jan had said she would not make it this year, so her arrival was a delight, then another surprise, Heather and Tim who also said they would not be making it tricked us as a surprise! Then came great friends Steve & Alan, Bill, Kathy & her four legged friend Frida, and Wenda too!  What a great group!  Conversation rolled and roared. Shane was showered with gifts and everyone brought goodies for pie!

This great mix of people is exactly what the Nine Days of Pie is about! Then as the evening calmed down another knock came upon the door, Carol!!! Carol is a smart and amazing woman, a new York City transplant and political activist like no other! Conversation ramped back up about everything from the Water Protectors to the election, to non-violent communication, and how city folk find it challenging to fit in in a rural community in a state with its entire population smaller than NYC!

Suddenly Carol hurt her elbow and Heather, a healer jumped into action rubbing her arm and then her feet until she felt wonderful!

Oh Nine Days Of Pie! Bringing people together, with kindness and generosity and pie!

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