Day 2, of the Nine Days Of Pie

Day 2 Pies:

Today, all of our guest were artists, and what could be better than that?!?!

The day began with a bounty of gifts from Wenda, who we met a few months ago when Shane answered an ad to buy her welder, they really hit it off immediately and have been looking for a chance to get together again. Today was the day! She gave Shane the most amazing gift, and the ribbon was crime scene tape from a real crime! She even brought a mod wooden chair for an art co-lab for everyone! She had a quick taste of pies and headed out.

Not long after we received some truly tragic news from dear friend far away, one of our only friends from our Minnesota experience had passed away. Devastated, Shane said we would dedicate this Nine Days Of Pie to Sunrise Chosa, and we quickly set about to create a small alter for him in the living room. He was a wonderful, brilliant person, and the world is truly less without his youthful light, sweetness, and genius.

This caused a slightly delayed start to pie making, but I stuck with the full plan of pies. First, I made my first ever chiffon pie! I always want to make them, but always run out of days during the nine days of pie. Being home and not working during this year’s celebration has helped a lot. We have been in possession of a bottle of Kraken Rum, so a Rum Chiffon Pie it was to be! I thought “black” rum might make a grey pie, but in reality it was dark brown and made for more of a tan color.

For the savory I made a odd but delicious Shrimp Pie from an old cookbook, and for the third pie I made a Rhubarb and Raspberry pie that remains untouched.

 As pie time came, Bill and his beautiful daughter Emily arrived. As promised, he has made two days in a row so far! As mentioned previously, Bill is an amazing actor and a good ukulele player. Next came Jane another lifelong area resident, Jane’s father was best friends with Bill’s uncle, which is a great story of the old Astoria that made us love this area so much. Jane is a painter, costume designer and writer, it is always a pleasure to see her! Soon Wenda returned for evening pie, she is also an amazing artist, and in the spirit of the Nine Days of Pie she was snapping photos of everything! Another knock brought Sondra and Will, recent transplants to the area who came from Colorado and Arizona, and they too are artists!

  Soon the chair was being covered in art, and lively conversation was happening, and pie was disappearing, and there was lots of pie since plenty was left from yesterday, including the entire Cherry Almond pie! It was a wonderful time, and especially to see Shane laughing and talking art and having a great time, which is what the Nine days of Pie is all about!

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