Day 1 of 2016′s Nine Days Of Pie!

Day 1 Pies:

The first night of the Nine Days of Pie has come and gone, and it was a great success! Normally, on the first day of the Nine Days Of Pie, I play it safe and go with classics I know I can do without fail. I don’t make pies for the rest of the year usually, so It’s almost always been a full year since I last rolled a crust or made a filling, so Day 1 is where I get “un-rusty”. This year I threw caution to wind! 

I started out making a filling for hand pies, which I plan to make when needed. The filling is vegan, incase an unexpected vegan shows up, I’ll be ready.

For the savory pie, I made a mustard tart, which was quite delicious! Not too mustardy. It was fun to make too, I got to steam veggies for it which I thought was really smart, and I will probably do that more in the future instead of sautéing veggies for pies.

Next, I made a coconut custard pie from and old cookbook. The thing about old cookbooks is some of the instructions and even ingredients do not translate well, and the measurements are different. I made the pie exact to the recipe, but I had quite a bit of liquid left over, so much I made 4 mini pies in addition to the regular size. Of course when it was all cooks it shrunk down quite a bit, but in its precooked state the filling was nearly pouring over the crust! It turned out okay, not greatest ever, but decent, and maybe better chilled though the recipe did not say to.

The third pie is one I have made twice before too rave reviews, it’s a cherry (shane’s historical favorite one) with a layer of REAL almond paste on the bottom.

Our single guest for the night was out neighbor Bill a talented actor who could probably be the next Steve Buscemi if he wasn’t in Astoria Oregon. It was so nice to sit and have pie with Shane and Bill, and hear the two of them talking away in the next room while I baked.

Since no one else came by, I decided this was the perfect audience to test the hand pies on and see how the filling held up. I was worried that is might be too watery. So I took the leftover ball of crust and rolled it out. I made four small pies. They were actually done before the cherry pie was firmed up, so we each enjoyed one and agreed the filling was just right.

It was a perfect first day of the Nine Days Of Pie, quite wonderful!



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