High Time For Pie Time!

The 3rd annual Nine Days Of Pie is almost upon us!  That’s right, THIRD ANNUAL NINE DAYS OF PIE!  It starts all over again on November 1st and runs through the 9th, with all the festivities leading up to Shane Bugbee’s birthday on November 9th!

I have been searching my cookbooks feverishly making notes and plans.  Last year was so fantastic, our first at the house in which we currently dwell – And it even has an actual kitchen! (If you could have seen where I was churning out pies on year 1, whoa!) The Nine Days of Pie is a warm and wonderful holiday, we visit with old friends and invite folks we hope become new ones. Last year, we even had one new friend come for almost every day of the festivities!

The Nine Days Of Pie ended last year with more than 20 pies passing our lips, and the old saying is true about a moment on the lips because my clothes still don’t fit right!  But, isn’t that what the Nine Days of Pie is all about?  It would certainly seem so!

This year is EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA SPECIAL as Shane and I are celebrating the release of our new book ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’ which has been five years in the making!  We will be doing nightly readings. Prepare to be wowed! Those in attendance will be the first people to see, hold, and smell our new book!  See it here first!

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