Nine Days Of Pie 2018

Nine Days Of Pie 2018 –

Nine Days Of Pie ”Pie Social” 

If the politics of today are getting you down, and you want to do something completely different for a bit, join us at the Clinton Street Theater for a “pie social” on November 3rd.

Join in celebrating the Nine Days Of Pie with a slice of homemade pie (while supplies last), while enjoying the masterpiece montage that film genius Roger Leigh has put together of pie related videos on the big screen, and even a good, old-fashioned pie fight.

Seriously, drop off that ballot and come on down to revel in pie and the beauty of life. All are welcome.

Nine Days Of Pie ”Pie Social” Community Event

November 8th –
Mary Lund is active in the Montavilla Community and is welcoming us into her home for a full blown potluck with veggie lasagna, cobbler, and more. Come meet your neighbors, enjoy pie, and talk about all the things that unite us.
  • Mary Lund’s parlor (75th and Pine)
  • Thursday, November 8th
  • 6 – 9 pm
  • Free/Donations Welcome
Nine Days Of Pie - 
This year most of the celebration will be at our home, now in Portland. That has been the tradition these many years, and we are happy to keep it going. We will also be sharing pie at various spontaneous pie parties all over Portland.


9th Annual NINE DAYS OF PIE coming soon!

This is gonna be big, really big!!

This is the 9th year of the Nine Days Of Pie! It will be the second year in Portland, and it will include release of the long awaited Nine Days Of Pie cookbook. It all starts on November 1st and goes through the 9th. Last year I made more than 50 pies – a new record for me! This year? Who knows!

Last year’s version was insane for me, as we were in the middle of moving from Astoria to Portland, and I was working out of boxes and missing all kinds of things that were still between locations. In fact, I still need to post quite a few of last year’s recipes, so I will start to work on that asap, and hopefully be fully caught up before the big event occurs.

I am still looking for host locations, so if you are interested in hosting a free pie party in your community, please contact me at amy_bugbee [at]

The whole purpose of the Nine Days Of Pie is to bring people together and build community, it’s about finding common ground with those we don’t know or maybe see more differences than commonalities with.

It is also began as a defense measure to let people on the oregon coast meet Shane and I, and see us as human beings. It was an attempt to avoid a repeat of the events that happened to us in Northern Minnesota and still affect our psyche’s today.

I would like to extend my deep thanks to all of the locations that hosted us last year, and everyone who attended, and those amazing people that brought pies and other goodies. THANK YOU!

Day 9: Nine Days Of Pie 2017

Today is Shane’s Birthday & the grand finale of the Nine Days Of Pie. This may have been the biggest finale ever in 8 years of our holiday! A few weeks back, Shane was saying he wanted the 9th to be a quiet night at home, then a few days later, Shane said our favorite Portland pizza shop was doing Chicago stuffed pizza, but only on Mondays, he said he sure wished he could get one for his birthday, but his birthday was on a Thursday. After 21 years of marriage, I can take a hint.

I called our dear friend, fellow former Chicagoan, and the greatest pizza maker in Portland, Joe Studenroth of Bridge City Pizza and asked if he would want to participate in the Nine Days Of Pie. I explained that Shane was dreaming of a Stuffed Pizza for his birthday. He said “Of course! But, let’s do it over across the street from me at the Proper Pint, I supply pizza to them, and it will be good for them too.” That is true Chicago spirit right there! (For as gruff and rude as Chicagoans are known for being all over the world, we actually are full of heart and usually always willing to help our fellow human. We maintain that rough exterior as protection and defense, but don’t let this get around.)

Another thing I need to make note of since we are talking about Chicago and pizza. No one in Chicago really eats stuffed pizza, we all eat thin crust and sometimes thick crust, but not the super-thin foldable pizza of the east coast — ours actually holds toppings like sausage chunks, green peppers and mushrooms. Chicago pizza is about a rich red sauce, a nice crispy crust, and rather than being cut like a pie, we do squares known as “party cut” according to our pizza expert Joe (we never knew this city had a name.) The Stuffed Pizza, is something most Chicagoans eat once a year – on a birthday, or when a favorite aunt and uncle visit from Ohio, it’s not our daily pizza, not even a monthly pizza, it’s a lot like the Thanksgiving turkey, reserved only for special annual occasions. 

Okay, back to the Nine Days Of Pie… So there was a daytime event planned, it was a pie demo at Pacific Pie Company and Sarah, the owner was planning a do an in-cafe demonstration with pie samples to give away. It was to run from noon to 3 pm.

Admittedly, I was running a few minutes late, so when the phone rang as I was rushing to get out the door, I almost sent it to voicemail. Instead I answered it, and it was Sarah, she said it was almost noon and no one was there. I said I was hurrying to get there, but it being three hours long, I thought many people would probably come and go as they could, stopping in during their lunch hour or what have you. She said she would cancel it in 5 minutes if no one showed up. I told her I was probably 20 minutes away, so if she felt compelled to cancel I understood. She continued that as a new mom, she really didn’t have time for all of this, and didn’t want to do anything if no one was there. I apologized for her wasted time and investment into the event, and hung up the phone. I felt terrible, but Shane was very happy and excited that I now had time to play with him on his birthday.

Since we were planning to be at The Proper Pint, an establishment with some 30 different beers on tap, I decided to search and see if any pies were made with beer. Much to my delight, I found a long blog entry from David Lebovitz discussing in great and comical detail, an outing with friends in which a beer tart was one of the desserts served. He offered the recipe he’d created i an attempt to duplicate the tart, and the recipe from the actual cafe which he said was too complex for a home cook to try. Never one to back down from a challenge, we headed to the Proper Pint to get ourselves some beer, namely a very dark beer, and an amber ale. They actually canned the two beers right there while we waited, it was pretty cool. (Sadly, the pies only used a fraction of the cane, so what will we do with the rest of beer???)

Dessert Pizza Pie - Amy & Bridge City Pizza collaboration.

Historically, Shane’s favorite birthday pie is cherry, a few years ago I added to the delight with almond paste (a trick I learned while working for master chefs Nanci Main & Jimella Lucas), so this was a certainty of the day. I also had some peaches I had not yet used, so a peach pie with a crumble top was also made, and then the beer tarts, made with two totally different methods.

The pies were coming together at the speed of light (almost). Then, as soon as the peach came out of the oven we were out the door heading to Bridge City Pizza to make a dessert pizza and see what Joe had in store for us. Bridge City Pizza was slammed, in an apparent pre-Veterans day bonanza, so Joe set me up with a crust in which to create the dessert pizza. I used the leftover blueberry handle filling, blueberries, cinnamon and cream cheese. Atop it all came two cups of mozzarella cheese, and into the super hot pizza oven it went!

Joe said he’d see us later as we ran across the street to The Proper Pint. As with yesterday, people at The Proper Pint seemed a little confused the we were filling a table with pie that we were giving away for free. Britt, the sweet bartender, was adamant that we put a pitcher for pie donations on the table, and she forced it on us. Her and her cohort told those at the bar about The Nine Days Of Pie and slow but sure a trickle of curious beer aficionados came to the table to try some pie, and of course the official Nine Days Of Pie “Pie Worship” doughnut from Voodoo Doughnut – on it’s final day of existence.

Soon a lovely couple we’d met on Friday Night arrived, Ben and Elodie (I hope they will correct me on the spelling here if my guess is wrong). Elodie is from France came and brought not one but two beautiful French pies, one was a French Apple pie whose beauty of fanned apples on the top put all of my pies to shame, and a tart tatin, which is kind of an upside-down apple tart. Both were apple pies, but bother were completely different in taste. Elodie said tart tatin so beautifully, when I said it back to her in the American way she heartily laughed! A lovely couple that had come to the Proper Pint for beer were so enamored with he whole Nine Days Of Pie concept and spread they dropped a $20 int he pitcher and commenced to trying every pie, which was totally awesome! A couple I’d given pie to at The Abbey Bar the night before came in, and I was glad to see them again ad give them pie. Two younger guys in hunting type coats came up for pie and listened intently to the concept.

The the pizza began to arrive, Joe and Bridge City Pizza brought, not one, not two, but THREE stuffed pizzas over, a veggie one, a sausage one, and Joe’s personal favorite with pepperoncini peppers and a bunch of amazing fillings, it was incredible! Then came the dessert pizza, looking better than I ever thought possible, and a thin crust pizza with brussel sprouts, sweet potato and I can’t even recall. Bridge City Pizza had blown up the Nine Days Of Pie! They owned Day nine, taking a holiday of indulgence and turning it to 11! 

Several friends stopped in and tried all of the various pizzas, more folks who had unwittingly stumbled on the Nine Days Of Pie in search of a beer came over to see what the pie and pizza may-lay was all about, and then our friends Verna and William popped in who live in Portland, but have often traveled to Astoria to partake in Pie during these “high time for pie time” days. Soon Joe was there to bask in the cheers for his pizza, and try the pies and especially the dessert pizza, followed not long after by his pizza crew, some long time staff, some newer faces, and as always one person who came from Chicagoland. They all celebrated with pizza and pie and pints.

This was a ninth day to end all Nine Days of Pie final days! And Shane, as the birthday boy, carefully hid a slice from every pie and pizza into a box and slipped it into the car for day after feasting for himself. For me the very best part of the Nine Days Of Pie this year was Shane’s giant ear to ear smile. He hasn’t really enjoyed the Nine Days Of Pie all that much for the last few years, but all Nine Days he has been smiling and happy, and tonight he was so happy, and had so much fun, it made this Nine Days Of Pie great for me as well!

I want to take a moment to thank Pacific Pie Company for participating, sort of. Thanks to The Proper Pint for hosting us, and their awesome staff for being so great! But above all, I offer a big, ten-fold bearhug of love for Joe and all at Bridge City Pizza!!! They are our FAVORITE pizza in Portland, and Joe is just the greatest guy! The first time we went to try a Bridge City Pizza it was only Joe there just a few months after he opened, and now he has a whole crew and a great following due to his great, amazing, and stupendous pizza! Southside all the way!!!

Day 8: Nine days Of Pie 2017

  • 3-5pm Natural Grocers, Happy Valley, OR
  • 7-9pm The Abbey Bar /Coffee Time substitute location

Today, we were supposed to be at Coffee Time, which is our favorite place to get a hot cocoa after a movie at Cinema 21. But they have had a run of bad luck with a remodel, so a few weeks ago the owner said she would make alternate celebration arrangements for us with her next door neighbors at The Abbey Bar, just in case they could not host us. Though I understood this was a possibility from the start, I held out hope that Coffee Time would come through. 

We arrived at the The Abbey Bar next door to Coffee Time right before 7, and while the bartenders and cook seemed pleasant enough, they told me they had only found out earlier that day that they would be our host location. The fellow behind the bar asked, “What is this pie day thing?”

I tried to explain what the Nine Days Of Pie was, they nodded but still looked confused. Then, the guy  said he would not be eating any pie. I cut some pieces for them no matter what, to which the cook seemed very pleased, and even asked for a second helping of one of them.  

Shane and I set out the “Pie Worship” doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnut, and three pies, Tangerine Chiffon, Malted Walnut, and Yam & Pecan, which according to the cookbook was the 1958 winning recipe of the “Yambilee”.

Friends began to arrive, and one even brought us a variety of stickers in a pie dish, she called it a “Sticker Pie”! As it turned out, the sticker pie was a big hit with the staff of The Abbey Pub, and they took several stickers they liked.

I offered all of the bar’s patrons pie and few took me up on the offer. One couple seemed very excited about the whole concept and enjoyed slices of each pie and a doughnut, others were less excited about it. I offered a group of three pie, and the woman told me they were medical students and didn’t have any money. I said I didn’t want any money, it was a little awkward.

A little while later, one of the wonderful cinefiles that work at Cinema 21, Issac came into the bar. We’d told him and a co-worker about the Nine Days Of Pie a few weeks back while getting popcorn before a movie, and we were shocked to see in a social media notification that he had shared the event and written nice things about the upcoming holiday. I gave him a few slices of pie and he ordered a beer. We talked about movies and technology and life with him for about an hour, it was great conversation.

When Issac left, we packed up and left too, which seemed to be a big relief for the two bartenders. The guy especially made me feel weird, like we were panhandlers, but in reverse. Shane said this was his least favorite day of the Nine Days Of Pie. 

Aside from Isaac, the other high point of my day was the third and final pie demo I did at natural grocers in Happy Valley. This was the most well attended of all of the Natural Grocers pie demos with more than a dozen attendees. I was challenged by a staff member of the store to create a vegan and grain free pie, so I whipped up a nut crust and made a quick blueberry pie with a crumble topping.

This was before the demo even began officially. Next came samples of crust, one from a gluten free mix and the other my creation – a mix of gluten free flours, including tapioca, millet, and others. The people were really engaged which was great, and all asked lots of questions. Then came the popular leek and chèvre tarts, this time with some saffron added into the mix. Next came the Amish Vanilla Pie, but with orange extract instead of vanilla, and finally a pumpkin pie. The attendees seemed pretty surprised I completed four different pies in less than two hours. They wanted to know all about the Nine Days Of Pie and it’s origins, and then they wanted to know why vanilla has been getting so expensive, and I was of course glad to explain the situation. One woman, Christine who attended with her husband Jon said they were going to put forward the idea of sharing food with people they didn’t know, two ladies who sat up front said they’d always been afraid to make pie since they’d gone gluten free, but now they felt more confident about it. The Nutritional coach was a great help and even helped me clean up after the demo, which allowed me to get on the road that much sooner.

It was a really great experience, and the nutritional coach said I should set up a vanilla demo there soon. I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to Natural Grocers for doing these demos, it was a lot of fun! Natural Grocers is a really nice store, especially for bulk spices, and with affordable prices on natural foods. Thanks also to Coffee Time for almost hosting us, and to The Abbey Bar for letting us invade their space for a couple hours.

Day 2: Nine Days Of Pie, 11-2-2017

(See all the events for November 1 – 9 here:

Having to take pies across town as a part of this new adventure I had not considered carefully enough when planning this year’s events. 6 PM snuck up on me, and so there we were driving to Milepost 5’s Art Haus Cafe with a pair of blazing hot lemon Meringue Pies, a warm Chanterelle Pie, and leaving behind a half cooked Pear Anise Pie. Thankfully, we’d made arrangements to have a fresh dozen “Pie Worship” doughnuts ready for us each day, and on this day, they were the big savior.

Milepost 5 is a large pair of buildings that offer housing and work spaces to artists, they have a gallery, meeting space, and the Art Haus Cafe also. It is a really cool space, and the building the cafe is in appears to be an old school or something of that sort. It is very cool that working artists have an affordable place to create and you can feel the creative energy just waking in the door. It literally vibrates with artists past and present.

Carlee who runs the space was very welcoming to us, and she even brought a coconut cream pie for the event. A half dozen people were ready and waiting, so I commenced to serving up the Chantrelle Pie as quickly as possible. It was gone in a blink and everyone excitedly reveled in it. Next came the “Pie Worship” doughnuts, and the coconut cream, and I tried to avoid serving the lemon for as long as possible.  

The lemon pie was a classic Amy fail, but not at the fault of the recipe (Bob Hope’s Favorite Lemon Pie), alas, it was human failure on my part. The crust was too hard, the filling was soup, and the meringue wrinkled. They were a sad pair of pies, but that’s how it goes. The recipe came from a recent acquisition of a recipe rolodex we found at an estate sale. The home we purchased it from was that of an older woman who was transitioning to assisted living, and if her vast array of drink glasses – liquors, sherry, every style of wine glass, snifters and others, I’d say life was good for her! The rolodex at $2 was a steal, and ironically full of many pie recipes. Recipes within it included newspaper and magazine clippings, typed and xeroxed copies, and even some are hand written!

The attendees of tonight’s events were nearly all residents of Milepost 5 which made is so exciting. Shane delighted in talking art with the welcoming residents, and even has a co-lab or two already planned! There was a fellow from South Dakota who lived there since the start, a young woman getting her MFA, artists working in a variety of mediums, and we even welcomed a Nine Days Of Pie friend from Astoria! 

Kim from Astoria drove all the to Portland for the event (and to see a live folk show nearby) which as really exciting. She has attended a past Nine Days Of Pie and she and Shane share the same birthday of November 9th. She is a super great lady, a mother, educator, and artist, and after meeting her in Astoria, we always planned to spend more time together so this was great!

People came an went throughout the event in true Nine Days Of Pie style and the pie and doughnuts got scarce at the end. As the night came to an end we were sorry to go, but we feel pretty certain we will be back for more events there in the future – and those co-labs! 

After a quick inventory, it became pretty apparent more pie supplies were needed, so Shane and I made a dash to the nearby grocery store. At the check out line we struck up a conversation with the store clerk ad the man behind us in line, and invited both to join us for the Nine Days Of Pie. When they heard that Voodoo Doughnuts had created a doughnut for our crazy holiday they said we were “Portland Legends” and wanted to take a picture. We beamed all night from this sweet statement, and hope to see them both for pie!

Shane is delighted with this eighth annual celebration, I too am having a great time, but I sure hope I get his pie timing going better for the day 3 and beyond!

Huge thanks to Carlee and Milepost 5 and the Art Haus Cafe! Thank you so much!



Day 1: Nine Days Of Pie, 11-1-2017

The Nine Days Of Pie is always a great unknown, an unknown of pie and and unknown of people.

Even beyond that, this year is a whole new adventure for us, the Nine Days Of Pie has always been held in the warmth and comfort of our home, and there definitely is a security in that, but this year we have thrown ourselves out into the world. This year, every event of the Nine Days Of Pie – 13 in all -each takes place in a different location!

As the schedule lists ( each event is in a different location in the Portland area. There are several reasons for the change, but mainly it is because of the discord in America right now, if ever we needed to find common ground over something as comforting as pie, now is the time. Last year, the Nine Days Of Pie took a sad and strange turn after election night, and in the year since a divide has truly crippled our melting pot nation.

This first night, was held at the world famous Voodoo Doughnuts (Voodoo Doughnut II) where the amazing folks there fell in love with the idea of the Nine Days Of Pie and offered to create a special pie doughnut for it! We were in awe of this offer, and then about a week before our event began they told us they would offer the doughnut on all 9 days of the Nine Days Of Pie!!! This is such an honor for us, and a very welcoming gesture on their part. They call the special Nine Days Of Pie doughnut “Pie Worship” and it is very apt!

We arrived at Voodoo Doughnut II, and were relieved that there was not a line around the block, as there often is. They had a big booth reserved for us, and we opened up one of the giant boxes of doughnuts. A friend was already there so seeing a friendly face was a big relief, and the amazing staff told doughnut seekers all night that the crazy people over at the booth had a free “Pie Worship”  doughnut for them and an event going on about pie and community. The staff at Voodoo Doughnut is incredible!

A while later I noticed a young woman sitting across the way, but she was not enjoying doughnuts, nor was she smiling as every other person entering this famed doughnut shop was. She was on the phone, and she broke into tears several times. I motioned to Shane, and he jumped into action, he grabbed a ““Pie Worship” Doughnut (Did I mention, they are sweet potato filled with maple icing, a wavy pie crust design along the top and three marshmallows on top?) and brought it to her with a Nine Days Of Pie flyer, then he bought her a coffee. She said thank you, and we left her alone to deal with whatever was going wrong in her life at the moment.

People came up to us to hear more, families, couples from out of town, a coach on his way to meet, and many more, all were excited to get a free doughnut, but even more, they were surprised to hear about what we were were doing and the purpose of our actions. 

One young woman came in for a doughnut and the staff sent her over to us, she sat down to talk. She told us she’d gone out this night specifically to meet people. She moved to Portland a few months earlier because she heard Portland was accepting of weird people, and she was the weirdest person in her town. She’d come from Flint Michigan with $20 in her pocket, she’d spent a month homeless but now had a place and a job. She told us she is 20 years old and wants to be an artist. Gabrielle was her name, and she was the highlight of our night, she embodied everything the Nine Days Of Pie is about, people coming together and sharing a moment of togetherness as human beings. It’s a fight against the isolation many of us face in our daily lives.

A  couple came in for doughnuts and chatted with us for a bit, and in a moment of perfect irony, when they turned to leave Shane saw the back patch on the fellow’s jacket was the same art Voodoo Doughnut had used for their “Pie Worship” doughnut poster!!! Shane quickly got a photo! Nine Days Of Pie magic!

As our event reached into the final hour another friendly face came rushing in the door, Alanna. Alanna has a special distinction related to the Nine Days Of Pie, she came from Portland to our home for the even some years back on a first date with a young man named Michael. I remember saying to her then that was a heck of a first date, to which she responded that yes a first date traveling two hours to Astoria to have pie at the home of people she only knew faintly on Facebook was a good test. Apparently, Michael passed the test because the two are now married!!! (Note* Nine Days Of Pie as place of love). This was the perfect wrap-up for our event.

I’d made some blueberry hand pies which we’d kept in the car, so we loaded Alanna up with a “Pie Worship” doughnut for Michael and hand pies for the two of them, then we gave a pair of hand pies to each of the amazing staff. We’d given away nearly 3 dozen “Pie Worship” doughnuts, and talked to quite a few new people, hopefully we will see at least some of them again during this holiday! Then, we headed off into the night with giant sugar smiles on our faces!


Nine Days Of Pie Locations & Info

What is the Nine Days Of Pie?

It is a celebration of pie, and a way to bring people from all walks of life together. It’s all about community, and pie, and Shane’s birthday, and pie.

Nine Days Of Pie Locations: 

DAY 1 – Wed. November 1 from 6 – 9pm

  • Voodoo Doughnuts II 1501 NE Davis St, PDX – Facebook Event Page

DAY 2 – Thurs. November 2 at 6pm

  • Milepost 5’s Art Haus Cafe 8155 NE Oregon St, PDX – Facebook Event Page
  • Plus, Nine Days Of Pie “Pie Doughnuts” available all day at both Voodoo Doughnuts Locations!

DAY 3 – Fri. November 3 at 6pm First Friday!

  • East Creative Collective (Studio 3) 211 SE Madison St, PDX – Facebook Event Page
  • Plus, Nine Days Of Pie “Pie Doughnuts” available all day at both Voodoo Doughnuts Locations!

DAY 4 – Sat. November 4 at 2pm

  • Clinton Street Theater 2522 SE Clinton St, PDX – Facebook Event Page
  • Plus, Nine Days Of Pie “Pie Doughnuts” available all day at both Voodoo Doughnuts Locations!

DAY 5 – Sun. November 5 – 2pm

  • Afru Gallery 534 SE Oak St, PDX – Facebook Event Page
  • Featuring readings and demos from Angel York & Darin Wick the authors of the Brand New microcosm publishing release, Chocolatology: Chocolate’s Fantastical Lore, Bittersweet History, & Delicious (Vegan) Recipes. Also, PIE! ALL CHOCOLATE PIES THIS DAY OF PIE!!!! Some will be vegan.
  • Plus, Nine Days Of Pie “Pie Doughnuts” available all day at both Voodoo Doughnuts Locations!

DAY 6 – Mon. November 6 (2 PIE LOCATIONS! 2 PIE TIMES!)

  • 3-5pm Natural Grocers in Beaverton – pie demo by Amy Bugbee – Facebook Event Page
  • 7pm – Dante’s 350 W Burnside St, PDX – Facebook Event Page
  • Plus, Nine Days Of Pie “Pie Doughnuts” available all day at both Voodoo Doughnuts Locations!

DAY 7 – Tues. November 7 (2 PIE LOCATIONS! 2 PIE TIMES!!)

  • 3-5pm – Natural Grocers in Gresham – pie demo by Amy Bugbee – Facebook Event Page
  • 6pm – Bipartisan Cafe 7901 SE Stark St, PDX – Facebook Event Page
  • Plus, Nine Days Of Pie “Pie Doughnuts” available all day at both Voodoo Doughnuts Locations!

DAY 8 – Wed. November 8 ( 2 PIE LOCATIONS! 2 PIE TIMES!!!)

  • 3-5pm – Natural Grocers in Clackamas – pie demo by Amy Bugbee – Facebook Event Page
  • 7pm – CoffeeTime 712 NW 21st Ave, PDX – Facebook Event Page
  • Plus, Nine Days Of Pie “Pie Doughnuts” available all day at both Voodoo Doughnuts Locations!

DAY 9 – Thurs. November 9 ( 2 PIE LOCATIONS! 2 PIE TIMES!!!)

  • Noon to 3pmPacific Pie Company, pie demo by Sarah Curtis-Fawley 1520 SE 7th Ave, PDX – Facebook Event Page
  • 7pm – The Proper Pint 5965 SE 52nd Ave, Portland with Pizza Pie from Bridge City Pizza! Facebook Event Page
  • Plus, Nine Days Of Pie “Pie Doughnuts” available all day at both Voodoo Doughnuts Locations!

Other info: 

Regarding Pie - Many people ask if they can bring a pie, or if they must bring a pie. Fact is, pies are welcome, but never required. If you want to bring a pie, we’re delighted. If you don’t, were still delighted to have you!

Is there a cost?

  • No cost for pie, but this year is a little different:
  • At Dantes the Bands & Performers will welcome donations!
  • At the Clinton Street Theater the theater will LOVE your donations!
  • At Voodoo Doughnuts, we will share as many “Pie Doughnuts” as we can during the time we are there, but Voodoo Doughnuts will have the official Triple XXX Smoked Vanilla Pie Doughnuts for sale ALL DAY!

Also, our main facebook event page for Nine Days Of Pie 2017 edition is here:

If you want to pitch in for pie making stuff or tip the cook:

Presented by Triple XXX Vanilla

Want to help with the Nine Days Of Pie?

Many people ask the question, how does the Nine Days Of Pie happen? They wonder, who pays for it? Who is the sponsor? And, also can/should I bring a pie?  How can I help?

Please let this blog guide you to understand how the Nine Days Of Pie works. 

How does the Nine Days Of Pie happen? Who pays for it? Who is the sponsor? 

The Nine Days Of Pie is a labor of love by Shane and Amy Bugbee. There are no sponsors, no paid participants. Believe it or not, Amy saves money from her meager paycheck to cover the cost of ingredients, and she uses her vacation time to host people and make pies. Instead of sitting poolside on vacation with an umbrella in a drink, this is what the couple chooses to do. It sounds crazy, sure, but someone has got to do it!

Okay, enough of the third person talk…

Additionally, all of this year’s many wonderful participants are basically donating their space, and several are donating the pies they make. Imagine The Clinton Street Theater and Dantes are just letting us use their space! Just turning the lights on costs money, big money. And, other locations are spending money and manpower to make their part in this event happen.

Why? Because this is about building a strong community, and all of us are willing to sacrifice in an effort to do that. In this time especially, bringing people together is vital. It is vital for the future of our neighborhoods, our cities and our entire nation! Sure that sounds grandiose, but as the old saying goes, a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step, or the other one about not overlooking the power of a single person to change the world.

Want to bring a pie?

Pie is welcome, but certainly not required. Rest assured, this is’t a pie contest, there are no judges. Your pie will be met with absolute gratitude, store bought or homemade, all are welcome at most locations.

AND, if you do bring a pie, we’ll give you a prize. Actually, we will give you a gift pack worth over $50. Yep, that’s right.

Also, if you make a pie, PLEASE bring the recipe. I am working on a Nine Days Of Pie cookbook and I would be thrilled and delighted to include your recipe in the book to celebrate your guest pie!

How else can I help?

Make no mistake, we love The Nine Days Of Pie, but it is a costly affair. I bake with nearly all organic ingredients, I make some vegan pies, some gluten-free pies, and that stuff is all expensive. Last year I went through over 20 pounds of butter, and about 40 pounds of flour! This is no small affair!

Let’s be clear, I am a mere working stiff, working a day job, trying to build up my vanilla business, taking on additional odd writing jobs when I can. We are not wealthy, we are paycheck to paycheck, art sale to art sale, trinket sale to trinket sale, it’s not easy. If you have the means, or if you are so inclined, we would be most appreciative if you hit the GoFundMe link and threw in a couple bucks. We even have prizes on there to make it worth your while:

Thank you for your support!

Just Added: Chocolate Book Readings & Pie Demos and Pie and what the???!!!

Day 5 of The Nine Days Of Pie:

On November 5th, authors Angel York & Darin Wick of Chocolatology: Chocolate’s Fantastical Lore, Bittersweet History, & Delicious (Vegan) Recipes, published by Microcosm Publishing, along with Amy Bugbee and the entire Nine Days Of Pie brood will celebrate all things chocolate!  It happens Sunday, November 5, 2pm at Afru Gallery 534 SE Oak St, PDX. In addition to readings and chocolate and vanilla talk, all of the pies this day will include chocolate, some will be vegan.

Come and here great lore and history of chocolate and vanilla while you enjoy slice(s) of various chocolate pies.

This is a free event, but buying a book is a good idea, and donating to the gallery is certainly appreciated!

Authors Angel York & Darin Wick will discuss all things chocolate and read from their BRAND NEW BOOK Chocolatology: Chocolate’s Fantastical Lore, Bittersweet History, & Delicious (Vegan) Recipes, published by Microcosm Publishing. Amy Bugbee is featured in this book and may also discuss how she managed to get vanilla into a chocolate book!
In honor of Angel York & Darin Wick and their amazing new book ALL OF THE PIES ON DAY 5 will include chocolate, some will also be vegan!
DAY 5 – Sun. November 5 – 2pm Afru Gallery 534 SE Oak St, PDX

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NEW! Nine Days Of Pie Art!

Nine Days Of Pie 2017 official art, by Tim Smith.

The Nine Days Of Pie is very nearly upon us, and this year promises to be like no other! Moving from hosting the holiday at our home in Astoria to instead be hosted at various locations all over Portland, will make this an amazing event!

The final venue schedule is coming soon!!!

Prepare for pie, pie, and more pie!

The facebook event page for Nine Days Of Pie 2017 edition is here:

If you want to pitch in for pie making stuff or tip the cook:

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The Nine Days Of Pie Is Coming! This year it’s citywide!

The Nine Days Of Pie 2017 is going to be bigger & better than ever!

With all that is happening in the world today, common ground and peace over pie is needed like never before! This has led us to look beyond hosting folks in our home. This year, we are bringing the Nine Days Of Pie to all of Portland! Each night we will celebrate a different neighborhood, and invite people to get together and meet their neighbors over pie. Free pie, while supplies last.  

Look for the full list of host locations coming soon!

What is The Nine Days Of Pie?

The Nine Days Of Pie is a celebration of Pie and People, it’s about bringing community together and sharing pie. 

The Nine Days Of Pie began on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington, when recent transplants Shane and Amy Bugbee decided to celebrate Shane’s birthday by inviting anyone they knew, and people they didn’t know, over for pie for nine straight days, from November 1st to 9th.

The next year it moved with them over to Astoria Oregon where it grew bigger, and became a thing of legend. Amy made a minimum of three pies each day, and folks came from as close as next door, to hundreds of miles away. Many diverse minds, people from all walks of life, met and bonded over pie.

Now is the time for a peace-filled pie party. This year it’s Portland, soon the world!

Who is behind this Pie-stravaganza? 

Amy Bugbee has been official pie maker and hostess of The Nine Days Of Pie since the idea for the holiday was born. It was created to celebrate her pie-loving-husband Shane’s birthday, eliminate any sad feelings regarding established family holidays, and meet new people in a place where they knew almost no one.

Though not a baking novice, it also offered a great excuse to perfect her pie making. Amy Bugbee has a long history as a baker, she trained under James Beard’s favorite pastry chef, Nanci Main, she started her own vanilla business in 2009 called Triple XXX Vanilla, she published the ‘Vanilla 101′ cookbook in 2014, and famed cartoonist R. Crumb said, “Amy makes a fine cookie”.

Not just a culinary artiste, Amy Bugbee is, among other things, a writer, event promoter, and social media pioneer – she’s worked with Lemmy from Motorhead, she’s spoke at Harvard University, and had cookies with Anton LaVey!

No, this is no normal holiday, it’s better.

Come on down, enjoy some pie, meet your neighbors, and who knows, maybe we can figure out world peace while we’re at it!

More to come….

The facebook event page for Nine Days Of Pie 2017 edition is here:

If you want to pitch in for pie making stuff or tip the cook:

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Day 5, of the Nine Days Of Pie, 2016 version

Day 5 Pies:

What a day! Three, count ‘em three different GRAPE PIES! Last night the amazing Helen spent 4 long hours peeling grapes, this morning she caught the 8 am bus to Astoria and then walked all the way to our house. She came with a container full of peeled grapes and a bag of the peels. Yes, that’s right, a bag of the peels. It’s true, I had recipes for grape pies and a grape skins pie. No Joke! And Helen is no joke either, she may be one of the most thoughtful people to ever walk the earth! Not only did she come with love peeled grapes, but also a gift for Shane. A statue of the very first piece of art he was ever exposed to – The Screaming Hand skateboard art by Jim Phillips!

This was Saturday, so I had a feeling we might have a bit of a crowd, and I was right. I believe 12 or 13 people joined us for pie, and one guest came just for the art!

Helen arrived early, then our favorite produce guy and art scholar Andy came to see Shane’s studio, not long after came more guests and several Big Surprises!  A knock at the door brought Jan with her friend Charlie. Jan had said she would not make it this year, so her arrival was a delight, then another surprise, Heather and Tim who also said they would not be making it tricked us as a surprise! Then came great friends Steve & Alan, Bill, Kathy & her four legged friend Frida, and Wenda too!  What a great group!  Conversation rolled and roared. Shane was showered with gifts and everyone brought goodies for pie!

This great mix of people is exactly what the Nine Days of Pie is about! Then as the evening calmed down another knock came upon the door, Carol!!! Carol is a smart and amazing woman, a new York City transplant and political activist like no other! Conversation ramped back up about everything from the Water Protectors to the election, to non-violent communication, and how city folk find it challenging to fit in in a rural community in a state with its entire population smaller than NYC!

Suddenly Carol hurt her elbow and Heather, a healer jumped into action rubbing her arm and then her feet until she felt wonderful!

Oh Nine Days Of Pie! Bringing people together, with kindness and generosity and pie!

Day 4, 2016 version of Nine Days of Pie

Day 4 Pies

Tonight was a quieter night at the Nine Days Of Pie, and that was perfect for us to spend real good time without guests, Bill arrived with his friend and former wife Lori, then later we were joined by their daughter Emily and her friend Nevaeh. Emily is 13 and has been a real trouper this year, trying a variety of pies, so as promised I made an apple slab pie with pie crust rolled into little pinwheels of cinnamon, butter, and sugar.

Also on the menu today was another pie with apple, a savory pie of Apple, sausage and cheddar cheese. It’s a redo from a failed pie from a previous year, so I was glad to redo it! The third pie of today was Navy Bean, and it is a traditional Muslim dessert not unlike pumpkin pie, but with more texture.

I was surprised and received to have a small group on Friday, it was really great to get to know Lori better and have a chance to sit down for a while. I even had a glass of wine!

Progress was also made on the art chair Wenda brought over on Day 1, it is going to be a really special chair when it’s all done!


Day 3 of the Nine Days Of Pie, 2016 edition

Day 3 Pies:

There’s a lot to be said for taking time off the j.o.b. for this. I had all three pies done or at least baking by 7 pm. AND i had most of the dishes washed!

The focus on art continued today as Roger Hayes came by for open studio this afternoon to work with Shane in his studio. The two of them were busy down there, I could hear banter and launching and periods of silence and machinery and the compressor, I have not been down there yet tonight to see the results, but they were hard at work earlier when I stopped down to visit a few hours in. 

Meanwhile, the pies just seemed to go along, though adjustments were made here and there.

Sally, Roger’s wife and also an accomplished artist, was next to arrive. Roger and Sally live literally around the corner from us, but we almost never get to spend time with together. Roger announced to us this was his first ay as a gentle of leisure, so perhaps we will see more them. Hopefully.

The next knock on the door brought Bill with his daughter Emily, they are our staples of Nine Days of Pie, which is really nice. Almost like having family.  We were all enjoying pie, even Emily liked the chicken pie, which is a big compliment from a 13-year-old! Then another knock brought Lila from over the river with her friend Jeff. They enjoyed a variety of pie and were soon as stuffed as the rest of us. When they arrived we had nine different pies on the table! I think Lila’s friend was a bit overwhelmed by the absurdity of the event.

We all enjoyed conversation about everything from art, to the madness of the election, DNA tests, secret family members, and we pondered the vast differences of people in various parts of America. What I am saying is, another perfect day!

I must say, Nine Days of Pie 2016 has been really stupendous so far. Tomorrow is another day and I don’t want to get cocky with 6 more days to go!

A merry Nine Days Of Pie to all and to all a good night!

Day 2, of the Nine Days Of Pie

Day 2 Pies:

Today, all of our guest were artists, and what could be better than that?!?!

The day began with a bounty of gifts from Wenda, who we met a few months ago when Shane answered an ad to buy her welder, they really hit it off immediately and have been looking for a chance to get together again. Today was the day! She gave Shane the most amazing gift, and the ribbon was crime scene tape from a real crime! She even brought a mod wooden chair for an art co-lab for everyone! She had a quick taste of pies and headed out.

Not long after we received some truly tragic news from dear friend far away, one of our only friends from our Minnesota experience had passed away. Devastated, Shane said we would dedicate this Nine Days Of Pie to Sunrise Chosa, and we quickly set about to create a small alter for him in the living room. He was a wonderful, brilliant person, and the world is truly less without his youthful light, sweetness, and genius.

This caused a slightly delayed start to pie making, but I stuck with the full plan of pies. First, I made my first ever chiffon pie! I always want to make them, but always run out of days during the nine days of pie. Being home and not working during this year’s celebration has helped a lot. We have been in possession of a bottle of Kraken Rum, so a Rum Chiffon Pie it was to be! I thought “black” rum might make a grey pie, but in reality it was dark brown and made for more of a tan color.

For the savory I made a odd but delicious Shrimp Pie from an old cookbook, and for the third pie I made a Rhubarb and Raspberry pie that remains untouched.

 As pie time came, Bill and his beautiful daughter Emily arrived. As promised, he has made two days in a row so far! As mentioned previously, Bill is an amazing actor and a good ukulele player. Next came Jane another lifelong area resident, Jane’s father was best friends with Bill’s uncle, which is a great story of the old Astoria that made us love this area so much. Jane is a painter, costume designer and writer, it is always a pleasure to see her! Soon Wenda returned for evening pie, she is also an amazing artist, and in the spirit of the Nine Days of Pie she was snapping photos of everything! Another knock brought Sondra and Will, recent transplants to the area who came from Colorado and Arizona, and they too are artists!

  Soon the chair was being covered in art, and lively conversation was happening, and pie was disappearing, and there was lots of pie since plenty was left from yesterday, including the entire Cherry Almond pie! It was a wonderful time, and especially to see Shane laughing and talking art and having a great time, which is what the Nine days of Pie is all about!

Day 1 of 2016′s Nine Days Of Pie!

Day 1 Pies:

The first night of the Nine Days of Pie has come and gone, and it was a great success! Normally, on the first day of the Nine Days Of Pie, I play it safe and go with classics I know I can do without fail. I don’t make pies for the rest of the year usually, so It’s almost always been a full year since I last rolled a crust or made a filling, so Day 1 is where I get “un-rusty”. This year I threw caution to wind! 

I started out making a filling for hand pies, which I plan to make when needed. The filling is vegan, incase an unexpected vegan shows up, I’ll be ready.

For the savory pie, I made a mustard tart, which was quite delicious! Not too mustardy. It was fun to make too, I got to steam veggies for it which I thought was really smart, and I will probably do that more in the future instead of sautéing veggies for pies.

Next, I made a coconut custard pie from and old cookbook. The thing about old cookbooks is some of the instructions and even ingredients do not translate well, and the measurements are different. I made the pie exact to the recipe, but I had quite a bit of liquid left over, so much I made 4 mini pies in addition to the regular size. Of course when it was all cooks it shrunk down quite a bit, but in its precooked state the filling was nearly pouring over the crust! It turned out okay, not greatest ever, but decent, and maybe better chilled though the recipe did not say to.

The third pie is one I have made twice before too rave reviews, it’s a cherry (shane’s historical favorite one) with a layer of REAL almond paste on the bottom.

Our single guest for the night was out neighbor Bill a talented actor who could probably be the next Steve Buscemi if he wasn’t in Astoria Oregon. It was so nice to sit and have pie with Shane and Bill, and hear the two of them talking away in the next room while I baked.

Since no one else came by, I decided this was the perfect audience to test the hand pies on and see how the filling held up. I was worried that is might be too watery. So I took the leftover ball of crust and rolled it out. I made four small pies. They were actually done before the cherry pie was firmed up, so we each enjoyed one and agreed the filling was just right.

It was a perfect first day of the Nine Days Of Pie, quite wonderful!



Patronize the Pie if recipes ye shall try!

With seven years worth of recipes on this website, it is a pretty epic resource for pie. I have made pies from old out-of-print cookbooks, peculiar small run cookbooks – Such as one from an airline’s staff, and oddities I have created myself, plus of course pies from the far corners of the internet! There’s a lot of pies here, with me baking more than 30  each year for the last few years, and five years of nearly zero repeats, the collection is vast.

If you enjoy the pies on this blog, or if you enjoy following along with the celebration, or if you want to support this wacky, self-funded art project, perhaps you’ll want to become a Patron Of Pie! Or a Patron Of Shane and Amy! If so, why not sign up for Patreon?

As you can see, there are no ads poking at you from the sidebar, no pop-ups, nothing of the sort! This is pure, ad-free, information!

Patreon allows anyone to support us with a one-time donation, or a regular monthly boost, and it can be as little at $2. It’s a pretty amazing service for us creatives, and we thank you sincerely and with great gratitude if you do. Simply click the link:

The countdown the Pie has begun, a cartful of groceries purchased, and housecleaning is commencing. See you soon for pie!

Nine Days Of Pie 2016 coming soon!!!

Hard to believe nearly a year has passed since last year’s festivities! I have been collecting a number of new pie recipes these months, and have decided to try to do all the pies I always want to do that never seem to happen. Look for new pies, old favorites, and wild experiments this year.

Of course all the pie is fun, and sometimes delicious, but the real reason for the celebration is the birthday of Shane Bugbee on November 9th! He is the Pie Master and it is his love of pie that created this amazing holiday!

As always, we welcome satellite celebrations, please post photos of your Nine Days Of Pie pies & celebration! Someday, this holiday will be world-wide and could bring world peace to our planet!

I am working out my rolling pin to get ready, and we’ll see you soon!

Also Big News! We have an “official” Nine Days Of Pie Motel!

Coming from out of town?
Mention Nine Days Of Pie and get a special rate of $55 a nite at: 
Atomic Motel (formerly the Lamplighter Motel)
131 W Marine Dr, Astoria, OR 97103
(503) 325-4051 

Stop by for a slice!

Day 9: Happy Birthday Shane!!!

Day 9 Pies:

Another Nine Days Of Pie has come and gone. It ended well on Monday night, Shane’s birthday.

An early visit brought us Stephen and Alan baring the gift of crab, and ah ha the admission that Alan was the person placing those little figures around. Unfortunately, they could not stay very long.

On this night, everyone got a gift with a visit from two local dignitaries, Jane Herrold, a well known artist and notable local fisherman’s daughter, and Dave Densmore, the famed poet, adventurer, and Alaska Fisherman. To see these two old friends interact was a rare treat! This is what the Nine Days of Pie is truly about – Trading stories and jokes and eating pie, with Dave’s partner Renee and Karri Gallagher. It was a great finale to a very action packed and pie filled Nine Days of Pie.

I always look forward to the Nine Days Of Pie, and I am always glad when it is over. It is a challenge to host an open house pie party for 9 straight evenings, but a great adventure and community builder. It is a ritual and a celebration, there is power and suffering, pleasure and pain, and most of all, indulgence.

There were a plethora of pies on this final night, yet for perhaps the first time ever, butter remains in the freezer, and a couple balls of crust are still chilling…

Most of all, I would like to thank everyone who came and shared pie with us, a big thank you to everyone who brought gifts, or pie, or whatever, and especially thanks to Shane for being so wonderful that you deserve your own holiday!!! I love you!


2 am Monday Morning 11-9-15

The Nine Days of Pie has kicked my ass! I have lost count of how many pies I have made. Many people have also brought pies, thus far including lemon meringue, mini apple caramel, and paleo pumpkin and cranberry, others brought additional supplies such as butter and fine cream, and wine and crab. Several people have suggested, and after my struggle this year to make enough pie to really allow for pie frenzy, next year may be a full on pie potluck.

It is after 2 am and the last pie of Sunday night is just about to come out of the oven! I have failed miserably with my promised daily posts. Not only did I fail to post daily blogs, I did not post recipes either. This leaves me the obvious dilemma of what the hell did I bake on Tuesday? and that sort of thing.

The Nine Days Of Pie the 2015 version has been a wild ride! Pie madness, last minute pie changes, near disasters, and even a pie heckler made for the most insane Nine Days of Pie ever!

Full pie list, recipes, and a recap coming soon…